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Student Life

Academic Guidance

• Academic Advisor:

Is the faculty member responsible for guiding students academically to choose the courses that will be registered in the most appropriate manner.

• The importance of academic guidance:

Academic counseling is a key focus in the educational process, as it is a great support for the student in his career during university life.  Student guidance in the selection of the most appropriate courses for him is an important factor in the student's adaptation to university study and requirements, and mainly in achieving the success and excellence of the student.

Therefore, most institutions of higher education had to rely on the expertise of their faculty to guide their students in academic courses.


• Nomination and Distribution of Academic Advisors:

The academic advisor in each faculty shall be nominated according to the resolution of the faculty council and then the decision shall be approved by the university council.

At the beginning of each semester, students are distributed to academic advisors in each faculty in accordance with the decision of the College Council by the Student Affairs Officer after briefing the university presidency.


Academic Adviser Tasks:

• Providing academic advice and guidance to the student in choosing the most suitable courses for him to be registered in each semester, based on the semester average and cumulative for each student.

• Introducing the student to the credit hours system and everything related to this study system.

• Introduce the student to the study plan and the requirements for the registration of some courses that the student cannot register before success in previous related courses.

• Introduce students to all procedures related to registration, freezing, postponement and withdrawal of courses and regulations governing them.

• Following up the student and introducing him to all resolutions issued by the Ministry of Higher Education that concern him and related to the academic route.

• Informing the student of the academic warnings in accordance with the resolutions of the Ministry of Higher Education and directing the student to avoid getting a warning or exceeding him in case he gets it.

• Introduce the student to everything related to the academic system at the university and clarify the basic topics of interest to the student such as: credit hours, warnings, estimates, point and literal equivalents, semester and cumulative average and how to calculate them.

• Helping troubled students to improve their scientific level and encourage and support outstanding students.

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