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Mission and Objectives of the College of Pharmacy

1- To contribute in the development of the health situation in the Syrian Arab Republic through the development of  qualified pharmacists who have scientific, professional  and high-performance pharmaceuticals features in the following diverse pharmaceutical fields:

- Management of pharmacies with advanced scientific efficiency while benefiting from the modern information revolution.

- Laboratory management of laboratory diagnostics and the development of the concept of self-monitoring laboratory analysis.

- Management of national pharmaceutical production in the productive departments and laboratories of pharmaceutical control with the latest scientific technology in the industry in order to provide effective vital medicine and in competition of foreign medicine.

- Contribute to the development of pharmaceutical and food control, cosmetics and raw materials imported through the development of performance in the laboratories of the concerned government ministries.

- Contribute to support the health awareness of the consumer in the places where pharmacists practice their work, whether in pharmacies or in hospitals or in health directorates and clinics.

2- The college shall support and support the continuous education process of practicing pharmacists in the Syrian Arab Republic by contributing to the holding of educational courses and scientific seminars.

3 - Contributing to the development of the process of university education and scientific research in the Syrian Arab Republic through scientific cooperation with universities, colleges, factories and control laboratories in developed countries.

4 - The establishment of scientific activities and trips for students under the supervision of faculty staff of scientifically developed countries.

5 - Encouraging faculty students to practice their social and sports activities in order to prepare well-developed social and physical generations and prepare them well to be able to choose their professional field with a personal conviction, which contributes to the success of their career and social life.

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