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Faculity Profile


Message of Department of Computer Engineering:

Prepare engineers to be able to work in the local and global market to design and implement:

• Intelligent software systems

• Web applications

• Secured network systems

• Embedded computer systems

The department offers 176 credit hours of theoretical and practical courses in addition to projects covering a range of integrated and interrelated subjects in various fields including: software, microprocessor design, electronic devices, digital communications, computer networks, intelligent systems, programming languages ​​and web programming in addition to high performance computing applications.


Program Objectives and Outputs

• Educational goals

The graduate student should have the following:

1. Knowledge of scientific and engineering concepts related to the principles of computer engineering, with the ability to apply this knowledge in solving engineering problems.

2. Computer skills for effective use within engineering.

3. Ability to use the latest technology to perform specific tasks.

4. Realizing and understanding the professional and ethical responsibility of the engineering profession.


Program Outputs

The desired outcomes of the program are to demonstrate the ability of the graduate to:

1. Design. It includes the ability to model problems, design experiments, collect, analyze and interpret the results.

2. Academic and research achievement, whether in industry or academia.

3. Dealing directly and directly with software and computer equipment.

4. Continuous learning to keep pace with developments in computer engineering.

5. Have strong foundations in computer engineering methods that balance software skills and knowledge in computing equipment.

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