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Faculity Profile


Objectives of the Academic Program (English Language Department) and its Outputs:


• Academic Program Objectives:

This program offers students the ability to:

1. Read, understand and write a variety of English texts.

2. Communicate in English; speaking and writing, in various areas of professional work.

3. Translate from Arabic to English and vice versa in general and specialized fields.

4. Qualify for English language and translate in the pre-university stages.

5. Identify the principles in the study of texts and analyze them to provide necessary views to serve the decision-making process.

6. Read the English and International literary texts and taste them aesthetically.

7. Edit English texts so that they are more homogeneous and scientific in specific contexts.


• Program outputs:

Graduate students are expected to:

1. Have the skills to speak, translate and communicate in various formal and informal fields.

2. Write accurate, homogeneous and coherent texts whether commercial letters, scientific reports, literary articles, official or personal documents.

3. They should know how to do 'writing translation' and follow the principles of 'simultaneous interpretation'.

4. They should be able to pursue their post-graduate studies in translation and English language.

5. Acquire a knowledge base in language and translation that helps them to be qualified as teachers later.

6. To be able to read and evaluate the various international and cultural literary works in an objective and sound manner.

7. Qualifying students to acquire a basic knowledge development in order to follow the postgraduate level in the various fields of translation.

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