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Message of Faculty of Architecture:

Architecture is the engineering branch that prepares students to design and follow up the construction of buildings and coordination between the various disciplines related to the architectural work such as construction, mechanical, electrical equipment and control systems. They provide the durability, safety and functional performance for the users of these buildings according to the best relations and the latest visions and trends of science, aesthetics and economics. They are carried out by providing students with the architectural knowledge and deep understanding of linking the foundations of architectural design and construction to achieve the goals of architectural work in the benefit, durability, beauty and economy. This rehabilitation is based on three scientific areas: architectural concepts, related natural sciences, and engineering theories framing the architectural work in all its dimensions.

It enables the architect to deal efficiently with the fact that buildings in all their forms are integrative systems of engineering, intellectual and social concepts and systems. They reflect the lives of people in all their dimensions. They are achieved through a set of engineering systems that constitute the essence of architecture.


Objectives and Outputs of the Educational Course:

The aim of the architecture education is to provide an integrated vision for the concept of architecture and to develop the students' potentials and their intellectual and creative abilities to design buildings that provide the elements of utility, durability, beauty and economy, in accordance with the best contemporary educational methods. Also, it aims to provide them with the skill in coordinating the requirements of architectural work and its components.

It also provides students with a methodical thinking and scientific trial organized to reach an architectural product that serves the aspirations of the community. It is characterized by rationality, flexibility and an effective methodology for creative thinking, which allows the student as a future engineer to meet the problems and possibilities and identify solutions with intellectual effectiveness. It is supported by a strong scientific and social culture that helps it to adapt to all the latest developments in the requirements of architecture, urbanization and the aspirations of the society through a research and experimental approach that depends on trial and logic in finding appropriate solutions to reach the goal. The educational program aims at preparing students for future professional practice in the field of architecture by expanding their abilities, motivating their creativity, increasing their trial capacity, and providing them with high scientific ability to employ the fundamentals of science and scientific logic to achieve buildings that serve the aspirations of the community. It also aims to improve students' skills to apply their theoretical knowledge of all fields of science related to architecture in their best efficiency to make them distinguished architects at the level of architecture and construction and create a life environment that evokes happiness in conditions of sustainability.

The training program also trains the student on the importance of the relationship of architecture to other competencies within the framework of complementary multidisciplinary work.

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