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Faculity Profile

Mission and objectives of the Faculty of Management and Economics:

The Faculty of Economics and Administration aims to prepare qualified scientific cadres capable of contributing to the economic and social development process in the local and Arab dimensions, in accordance with the needs of the present and future labor market. This is carried out in addition to the granting possibility of the distinguished students and graduates to follow up their post-graduate studies and participate more effectively in conducting studies and in-depth scientific research. They should be prepared to diagnosis problems that face economic and administrative leaders and work to find suitable scenarios solutions, through the use of methodologies of scientific research, advanced computer technologies and various advanced methods of mathematics and statistics. The graduates of the Faculty of Economics and Administration will meet the needs of labor market within the following areas:

. Business Administration Department:

The graduates of the department will be able to manage various administrative functions at various levels and at all branches and economic sectors, both productive and service, whether public, private or joint.

• Marketing Department:

The graduates are prepared to work efficiently and effectively in order to carry out marketing activities and study the target market and work to meet their requirements and needs, and strive to maximize the competitiveness of national products and services through production, pricing, distribution and promotion roles in the best way.

• Financial Department:

The graduates are able to prepare, implement, follow up and evaluate financial plans at the level of all financial, banking and insurance institutions and work to meet the financial needs and ensure their rational use in order to maximize the revenues and financial returns of these institutions by providing a wide range of distinctive discounts.

• Department of Accounting:

The graduates of this department are entrusted with the task of implementing all accounting procedures and processes in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles, international accounting standards for establishments and companies. They are also supposed to identify the outcome of the business and the financial position through preparation and analysis of the financial statements in order to identify the strength, weakness, and potential opportunities areas within industrial or commercial companies, institutions and services belonging to public sector, private or joint, and all branches of the national economy.

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