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- Qasyoun Private University, in its vision, aims to be a distinct and leading institution in the fields of higher education and scientific research, in partnership and complementation with other national official and private higher education institutions, to provide a platform for the transmission of science and knowledge and to create qualified human resources to lead the process of comprehensive development and contribute to building a renewed Syria.

- The university strives to be an academic institution with quality outputs that adheres to accreditation rules and relies on the latest scientific curricula, advanced educational programmes and scientific and research plans, and a creative teaching staff, all of which leads to preparing qualified and distinguished students in the fields of modern knowledge to meet the needs of society and the requirements of a labour market that is interrelated with regional and global markets, and to be in harmony with scientific and research development in the world.



- The university endeavours to excel in applying the highest quality standards and to be a platform for building creative thinking, stimulating creativity and innovation initiatives, providing quality continuing education opportunities for society members, and supporting the knowledge production process and transforming this knowledge into goods, services and technology to contribute to the building of the knowledge economy and the development of society and its creative intellectual outputs.

- Expanding the horizons of collaboration with national, regional and international institutions and universities, and promoting the concept of lifelong learning to build the knowledge society and its sustainable development

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