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General Chemistry Laboratory

  General chemistry includes an introduction to organic chemistry, a branch of chemistry, which studies the structure, properties and interactions of compounds and organic matter, i.e. substances that contain carbon.

It is concerned with the interactions and substances involved in the formation of organisms or resulting from an organism. That is why it is called organic.

Organic chemistry is the science related to the existence of life on Earth and looks at compounds associated with life and organisms.

The laboratory involves providing practical experiments to organic chemistry and general chemistry.


General chemistry experiments are:

Chemical compounds segregation by solubility and explain their solubility.

Experiment of the determination of enthalpy modification of acid - based reaction.

Experiment of determining the heat capacity of a solid object.

Determination of density of liquid and solid.

Experiment with the principles of calibration and preparation of solutions.

An experiment to determine ascorbic acid (vitamin C) in the effervescent tablet.

Several experiments to analyze positive and negative electrolytes (qualitative analysis).

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