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Biochemistry Laboratory

Practical experiments are conducted in this laboratory to determine the concentrations of biochemical in various organisms liquids such as cerebrospinal fluid, blood, etc., which are associated with common clinical conditions, as determining the concentration of glucose, cholesterol or lipids in the blood, in order to assess the incidence of various clinical diseases as diabetes and heart diseases.

This laboratory also allows the student to learn the process of drawing blood and prepare the sample for various analyzes.

This laboratory is an important part of the educational process of the pharmacy student to be able to read and interpret the results of laboratory tests in the future.


Methods & Materials

For practical experiments, devices and tools should be used to assist in conducting these experiments to get good results in addition to the chemicals to conduct these experiments such as dyes, acids, bases, brines and others.



Water Bath

Laboratory shaker

In addition to laboratory scales, microscopes and arenas.

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