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Board trustee's message

Statement by the Chairman of the Board of Trustees


- The higher education sector in Syria receives great attention from the political leadership, headed by Mr. President Dr. Bashar al-Assad, President of the Republic, because of the role played by this sector in the process of comprehensive and sustainable development, and the horizontal and vertical spread of institutions of higher education in both public and private sectors is but an obvious reflection of this attention.

- Hence, private universities have been established to work in tandem with official governmental universities to enhance the role of this sector in accordance with Legislative Decree No. /36/ of 2001, which includes the organization of private educational institutions for the post-secondary stage.

- Qasyoun Private University is one of these institutions, which was established in accordance with Decree No. 261 dated 17/6/2007 to play its role as a distinct and leading educational institution in the higher education sector, to complement the role played by other national universities.

-Since students lie at the center of the academic process and they are the starting point of modernization and development, we strive for the university to be a platform for building creative thinking, transmitting science and knowledge and building qualified human resources to contribute to the establishment of the knowledge economy and the development of society and its intellectual and creative outputs, to meet the needs of the local community and the requirements of the labour market.

- We, the board of trustees, endeavour to provide an academic environment that fosters creativity, excellence and innovation. We encourage scientific research and human knowledge in order to keep pace with global scientific developments. In addition, we strive to establish an institutional linkage with other national and international institutions and universities, and to promote the concept of continuous rehabilitation and training to create the knowledge society and to contribute to the building of a renewed Syria.

God is the arbiter of success.


Chairman of the Board of Trustees

 Dr. Wael Al- halake